Do you want to learn how to turn your nursing knowledge into a successful consulting practice?

Beoming a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) is an exciting opportunity for you to apply your nursing expertise to legal issues. As a Legal Nurse Consultant you bring specialized health care education and clinical experience to the legal system. Legal nurse consultants not only provide medical record reviews and analysis, but also conduct medical research, identify and apply standards of care and legal requirements, educate attorneys about unique medical issues in case, and help retain medical experts. Many LNCs practice as independent consultant and expert witnesses, some are employed by law firms, insurance companies, government, etc. You already have the medical knowledge you need to be an LNC, let us teach you the legal knowledge you need!

Our live course comprehensively covers the entire 2 Volume LNC textbook published by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) and much more!  (AALNC does not offer a live course, mentoring, marketing, or a course that covers the textbook).  We designed our course to include all of these things so you can get the best preparation for analyzing medical legal issues and cases. Our course is taught by a practicing Nurse Attorney and an experienced LNC. We answer all your questions as we go through the material during the live class (this course taught by another nurse attorney who charges $5,000 and up for her class, does not allow any questions during her course - see reviews below). We also provide one-on-one personal mentoring to help you get started! Our course also prepares you to take the AALNC certification exam should you choose to do so in the future.

We also provide you with a copy of your state's Nurse Practice Act laws so you have the authoritative reference by which all nursing cases in your state must be judged. This is critical to any analysis of nursing practice issues and standards in any situation. We are the only LNC program that provides this customized and critical information to each LNC student. Our course is co-taught by one of the most successful nurse expert witnesses in the country. She will share valuable tips for becoming an expert witness and working with attorneys.

Earn 60 CE Hours for this Course:

You will earn 25 CE contact hours by completing the live portion of the course. (You will be given your certificate on the last day of class.)  You will then receive an additional 35 credits for reading the text, answering test questions, and completing the writing assignment. This certificate will be sent to you upon review of your answers and writing assignment. Altogether, you will receive a total of 60 CE contact hours for this course.

LNC Live Course Schedule:

Part 1: Live 3-day course (9:00 - 4:45)

Part 2: Home Study: Read text and answer quizzes, write letter of introduction, and answer a sample certification exam question

Part 3: Mentorship: Personal one-on-one mentoring sessions

Experience the energy and enthusiasm of a live presentation by Nurse Attorney Laurie Elston. Her live course allows you to see, hear, and read actual pleadings, exhibits, and more. Videos of actual trial footage will be used to demonstrate the litigation process. Watch actual trial proceedings and hear expert testimony on standard of care issues in a medical negligence action.

Course Curriculum:   

 -Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting

        History, the Profession, Certification, Ethics, Independent Practice

-Different Roles of the LNC

-The Legal System

-Liability System

        Negligence, medical malpractice, personal injury, worker's comp, etc.

-The Laws and Standards of Care

-The Litigation Process:



        Pleadings and Motions

        Settlement, Arbitration, Mediation

        Pre-trial and Trial

        Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure

-Responsibilities and Tasks of the LNC

        Medical Records: collection and analysis

        Medical and Nursing Literature Research

        Independent Medical Exams

        Preparing Reports: summaries, timelines, chronologies, etc.

        Locating Experts

        Preparation of Exhibits

-Case Screenings and Evaluations in Each Practice Area Setting


- Copy of the Nurse Practice Act for your state

- Marketing - letter of introduction, business cards, who and how to market*

- Business Concepts*

- What you need to get started*

- Practice your introduction and interview skills during the class*

- Access to private Facebook LNC group

*These topics are not covered in the AALNC textbook, but will be covered in our live course. You will also be given written materials on these topics. This is an important part of our course because marketing is a key part of starting your consulting business!

LNC Practice Resource Manual - included in course:

The course also includes a 200+ page notebook containing all the resources, forms, and tools you will need to begin your own consulting business. You will receive over 15 written documents that guide you through the process from the start to finish, including: letters of introduction, how to screen cases, screening checklists, sample chronologies, and medical summaries for both medical malpractice and person injury cases, examples of timelines, various case reports, the medical and legal internet research sites to use, writing tips marketing,  and information on running a business.

Nurse Attorney Laurie Elston has practiced law in multiple states and taught at the University of Washington. She is an experienced medical malpractice attorney who has tried numerous cases. The course is co-taught by a highly experienced LNC. So, you get the best of both worlds. You also receive one-on-one telephonic mentoring  after the course.  Class size is limited to approx. 15 nurses so you get one-on-one personalized training.

Course Registration and Payment

Live LNC Training Course - includes 3 day live course with continental breakfast and lunch daily, LNC Resource Manual (over 200+ pages), home study portion, assistance writing your marketing letter, sample exam/preparation, personal mentoring,  60 CEUs, and a copy of the Nurse Practice Act laws in your state. You also receive access to private Facebook LNC group of nurses!  (We recommend that all LNC students take the 1-Day Course on Nursing Law first if possible.) (Payments are processed by PayPal. If you don't have or want to set up a PayPal account, then click on "pay with credit or debit card"option on the first page of PayPal - right bottom corner of page.)

Tuition: $1,695 (if you also take 1- Day Nursing Law Course live or home study). Without Discount: $1,795.

Los Angeles, California - November 8-10, 2018 

Embassy Suites by Hilton (LAX), 9801 Airport Blvd, LA 90045, Telephone 310 215-1000

Monthly Installments - 6 monthly payments of $299 will automatically be billed to your credit card - for a total of $1,794. If you also purchase the 1-Day Nursing Law Course we will send you a $100 credit - reducing the cost of the LNC course to just $1,695.

Monthly Installments after $250 down-payment - remaining balance of $1,445 paid in 6 monthly payments of $241.

Complete LNC Training Course on DVD : Only $985

Can't make the live course or want to avoid travel or hotel expenses? The 2017 LNC training program is now available on DVD. Over 20 hours of live lectures with screenshot of each of the slides used during the presentation - totaling over 150 slides and over 21 hours of lecture. This course allows you to study at your own pace and review the information over and over as needed. Earn the same 60 CE contact hours. Includes:

LNC Resource Manual and a copy of your state Nurse Practice Act laws. (See Course Reviews below.)

Complete Course on DVD plus 2 Mentoring Sessions and Advanced Marketing Materials - Cost: $1,495.

Includes everything above plus advanced marketing materials and two mentoring sessions with Attorney Laurie Elston to help you develop your marketing plan.Some of the advantqages of the DVD Course include:  
Convenience – Participants can listen to lectures on their own schedule, any time of day.
Increased information retention – Since each of us learn at our own time and pace, the amount of information retained from the presentation is often greater.
Lower cost – Since there is no travel involved, the cost of online learning is substantially less than learning similar material in a traditional setting.

DVDs - Allows you to play lectures over again in the future.

Individual, customized telephonic mentoring sessions with either Attorney Laurie Elston or an experienced Legal Nurse Consultant to help you start your businessSave the most money with purchase of 3 sessions.

Bonus: Additional $50 discount if paying by check or money order.  $$Money Saving Tip $$ - Cost of CE Course(s) is Tax Deductible. If you are required to complete CE courses to renew your nursing license, then the cost of purchasing the course(s) is a "business expense." Always check with your tax consultant to confirm.
Refund: Full refund (less $125 processing fee) up to 4 weeks before live course begins. Thereafter, credit towards next class or DVD course only.

                                                                            LNC Course Reviews

Proven Program Success - Our LNC students are working with law firms, as case managers, life care planners and other types of consultants.  See course reviews by nurses who have taken our program below:

"This course was fantastic!  The instructors were well informed, experienced, witty and fun. Laurie Elston is a gifted, brilliant, organized and personable attorney; a real joy to learn from.  She and LNCC Mitzi were such a dynamic duo. Their presentations were very effective, and the time they took to field questions during the course was really helpful.” Ann Paulson RN, LNC 

"Laurie is a very good teacher and provided everything needed to start an LNC business. Rita Kae is a wonderful role model and mentor to other nurses. This class was great! Candy B. RN 2017

"This 3 day course offered a number of wonderful advantages, including: (1) having a small group so we could ask questions, (2) having an instructor who is both a nurse and an attorney, (3) having a co-instructor who was a practicing nursing expert witness, and (4) being unbiased regarding other LNC programs.
I wanted to learn how to become a better LNC, and after taking this course, I now also want to work as an expert witness." Denise G. RN, MN, FNP 2017

"Just 1 day of this course was worth more than the 5 days I spent taking another LNC program taught by a nurse attorney that cost 5x more, .... and we weren't even allowed to ask questions in the other course." RN 2017

"Laurie and Mitzi make a great team. They answered all my questions and helped me gain the confidence I need to proceed with my desire to begin starting my own LNC business. This course was a great value for the price paid."  Pat K. RN 

 "I took the ____________ online LNC course. While it was useful and some of the elements of that course were relevant to the material in this course, the _______________course was dry and did not have the personal interaction.
What made this course invaluable was the ability to ask questions and have them answered by a practicing Attorney and a LNCC!" Sarah S. RN, CA 2012 

 “Very good presentations – not a single boring moment! 
I highly recommend this class to nurses contemplating a career as a LNC.” Z.C. RN CA 

"At the end of Attorney Elston's course I had a clear picture of the role of an LNC. The course bought clarity to my dream of becoming a LNC. It also gave me the confidence I needed to know that I can do this business and be successful."  Kim Browne RN, BSN 

 "Laurie your course is by far one of the most professionally awesome experiences I have ever had! You are a bright light and ray of hope to me and the future RNs of the world.  You were perfect in every aspect of what you taught and how you taught it. I love, love, LOVE your rich background on both professional areas.
Real life examples from the professional viewpoints of a Nurse Attorney and a LNCC was the best of both worlds!"  Kari B. RN, CCM 

"The expertise of the presenter and the quality of the material that was provided in the LNC Manual was outstanding! Laurie made the class interesting and provided excellent materials." RN 2017

“Laurie is an excellent teacher: knowledgeable, direct, concise, and easy to follow. The small class size made for easy access during and after the course. It also made for good role playing during the class.
I really liked the class interactions, and the combination of lecture, examples, and discussion. I also liked the course split into 3 days of live lecture and then a home study portion, which made this course very flexible.
Stacey R. RN CA 

DVD Home Study Course  -  "Thank you for your very interesting educational LNC Course. I enjoyed so much the 3 day course and was happy to be able to review it on DVD. My sentiments and view of class are the same as those who took the live class: this course is so beneficial in helping to understand the very practical, vital information relating to Nursing and Law. Your course and excellent presentation is very much appreciated." Susan Angel RN 2018

DVD Home Study Course - This course is awesome. While researching legal nurse consulting courses I feared that some would simply be a crash course without enough detail. This course emphasized all the details. The home study version allowed me to repeat the information so I could retain it." Shawn Wellington RN, BS, MSN North Carolina

"One of the strengths of this course is Laurie's ability to simplify the law down to our level of understanding. Having a live person to ask questions of, who is both knowledgeable and approachable, was invaluable."  Michael Longshore RN, CA 2015 

Amazing speakerswith nursing and law experience, and specific case examples that are invaluable for learning. GREAT JOB!" Christina L. RN 2015 

"Very informative course with a wide variety of information. This class kept my attention throughout the 3 full days of teaching!  
I started excited and finished more excited to be a legal nurse consultant." Victoria Sewell RN 

This class was wonderful! The structure and flow of the class made it extremely useful to me. The small class size allowed all of us to actively participate and get the information we needed to ensure our continued success. Thank you so much!" Karen L. RN CA Update: .... I am now working with an attorney on an interesting emergency department case and have found the information and resources from your course most beneficial. I thoroughly enjoyed your class and working on the cases you gave us. Thank you for everything!" Karen L. RN, California 2013 

Update: After taking this course and going through mentoring with Mitzi Wortman and others, I have a highly successful practice as a nurse expert witness, with all the cases I can handle. Karen T. RN, MSN, CA 

“Good teaching, informative, dynamic, comprehensive. The combination of a Nurse Attorney and a LNC teaching was a real strength.
   I also liked all the ideas for starting my own business.”  Eileen T. RN CA 

I HIGHLY recommend this LNC course  - it offered an immediate 25 CEUs with 35 more upon completion of the assignments, and the assignments are practical ones helping one get started as an LNC.  AND Laurie Elston maintains your interest while you obtain all of this helpful information. (It was worth my trip from Tennessee to San Francisco). FYI, the classes are kept small intentionally, so she can address any questions that arise and you get to know a little about the other people you're there with.” Ann P. BSN, MS, LNC  

Presenters were both top notch - as well as captivating and relevant. The LNC manual and resources handed out at the class are  great !" Debbie Winn RN 2015 

 "This course was very interactive. I learned so much information.
I recommend this class to any nurse interested in pursuing this different and challenging career." E.B. RN 

 “Very good presentations – not a single boring moment!  I highly recommend this class to nurses contemplating  a career as a LNC.” Z.C. RN CA Update:
After taking our LNC course and doing an internship we arranged Nurse Z.C., she  is now practicing full-time with the Mitchell Law Firm in California

This legal nurse consulting course was perfect. I learned so much. You really gave me a picture of what a LNC does, and it makes sense. Mitzi's instructions on what to do and how to do it was so important.... Laurie is amazing and I found myself wonderfully surprised to learn as much as I was a real eye opener. Thank you." Susie S. RN, Update: Susie wrote: "While I was on vacation I was reading the LNC notebook from the course and practicing the introduction we learned in the class, when an attorney overheard me and asked me to screen a case he is working on (laser burns from hair removal). Networking works, and sometimes when you least expect it!” 

"I learned so much from this course.... The topics related to the principles and practice of legal nurse consulting (LNC) were well discussed.
Attorney Elston being a nurse attorney was able to integrate nursing concepts and legal concepts...." Jennifer Ty D. RN, MSN, FNP, 

“One of the strengths of this course was having both an attorney and a LNC teaching together. We were given several career options for LNCs, which was also very helpful.” Christie D. RN CA 

I've been a nurse consultant and expert on wound care and infection control for over 10 years. During that time I have developed my own formats, timelines, etc. over the years.  I sure wish I'd known about you and this course... it would have made my life a lot easier! Though I already have a source for case referrals, I wanted to improve my skills with this course, and I did. Thanks!" Mary W., RN, California Update: 2013 Treasurer of the Bay Area Chapter of AALNC. 

“Laurie is an excellent teacher: knowledgeable, direct, concise, and easy to follow. The small class size made for easy access to instructors during and after the course. It also made for good role playing during the class. I really liked the class interactions, and the combination of lecture, examples, and discussion. I also liked the course split into 3 days of live lecture and then a home study portion, which made this course very flexible.” Stacey R. RN CA 

"The varied and numerous course handouts and forms/templates will be invaluable for references in the future. 
It is very obvious both of you put in many hours of preparation to assist all of us..."  Maggie E. RN,  Update:Currently working full time as an LNC with a Hospice Attorney. 

"I am already involved in legal work and needed a better understanding.
I liked the way this course brought all the information together in a clear and concise manner."  Jill Aggersbury, RN, CCM, CNLCP, MSCC, Update: 2013 President of Bay Area Chapter of AALNC 

"It was beneficial to have both view points - from the Nurse Attorney and the practicing LNC.  It was a great setting to ask questions in and get to know the legal system by seeing actual pleadings, exhibits, etc. 
I highly recommend this course!"  Danielle L. RN 

"The pragmatic, clean approach to presenting very complicated information and processes made learning about legal nurse consulting accessible and very palatable." Mary M. RN, Update:
Now practicing full-time with Elder Abuse/Negligence Attorney

 "The limited number of participants was very conducive to learning and interacting with other participants and the lecturer, as well as for networking." Eva M. RN, CA

Dynamic, articulate, complete... Once again, Laurie, you have provided a great learning experience.  Thank you."  Paulette B. RN  

Excellent LNC course - the instructor was very knowledgeable and organized. I loved the small class size which allowed for quality time with the instructor.  I also loved the case scenarios and guest speakers."  Christine A. RN 

"You are a wonderful public speaker and I like the LNC textbook you use. 
I would highly recommend this course....!"  Karen D. RN 

"Will recommend this class to anyone considering legal nurse consulting, or just wanting to gain more legal knowledge for their career."
RN 2015 

Live LNC Training Program Available in Any City Nationwide - Prefer another location? We will present a LNC training course in your city if you have a group of at least 8 nurses who want to take this course. This allows you to save the expense of flying and staying at a hotel.

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Live LNC Course - Los Angeles, CA

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Legal Nurse Consulting Course

Live: November 8-10, 2018

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