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Nursing Organization Annual Conference
The Conference organizer and Nurse Manager comment: “This Conference brought wonderful representation of nurses of all backgrounds from correctional to pediatric, with our biggest attendance yet!”

“Our key note speaker, Laurie Elston, was entertaining and informative. As a lawyer with a bachelors of science in nursing, she illuminated many of the little understood intricacies of what goes into a BRN investigation, and the amount of preparation a trial can take. As opposed to intimidation she gave us powerful insights into protecting our rights as nurses, and boy did we have questions for her.”

In-House Nursing Staff Training:

One CA Hospital that recently hired Attorney Laurie Elston to do an in-house training for their nursing staff reported:

  • "The evaluations for the class were excellent. Some of the comments included:

  • "Enjoyed the way Laurie broke up the material with nurse videos."

  • "Great printed legal reference!"

  • "Great info, Laurie was funny and kept us interested.  Good handouts for future reference."

  • "The added humor made it a great class."

  • "We need to have this class more often!"

  • "Laurie was very interesting and the class was very applicable."

  • "Excellent Speaker- she kept me awake."

  • "Fun videos - very informative class." 

  • "Great speaker - she makes this class very applicable to nursing."

  • "Great case examples."

"Thank you again for your wonderful presentation.  I hope we can have you return in the future.  I would definitely recommend your class to any other hospital.” Nurse Manager, 2013 CA Acute Care Hospital 

Many claims can be prevented if the nursing staff is well educated on the issues. Only an attorney has the expertise to explain the laws accurately and in detail. Unfortunately, most attorneys do not understand nursing. Attorney Elston's unique background and experience working in both professions gives her the ability to explain medical-legal issues in ways that nurses understand. 

                                            Thousands of Nurses Have Taken Courses from Attorney Elston:

“Excellent seminar! Laurie Elston knows her profession - both of them, law and nursing- and knows how to present them in an informative, interesting, and humorous way! Really enjoyed myself and learned important facts.” D.B., RN, Nurse Manager , CA

“Ms. Elston is so impressive with her command of the law and medical-legal requirements. Great lecturer - confident - concise, fantastic at gleaning the kernel of what’s pertinent from participant’s questions. If I were involved in a legal case I would definitely consult with Attorney Elston for her information and support.” RN

“Laurie was a very knowledgeable and effective speaker- I could easily have sat through another day of her lectures.” S.H., RN, CA

“Very informative, comprehensive; excellent flow of information (not too fast or slow); Laurie has a great ability to engage the audience, answer questions accurately while elaborating on the issue.” Sue F., FNP, CA

“I really needed an update on everything. Thank you for coming here! Please come back every year…I really liked the explanation of the new Healthcare Act- it was so helpful!” RN,NP, SNF

“Clear and concise presentation. Also, I found the case examples very enlightening and thought provoking. Speaker very knowledgeable, plus being a registered nurse and a lawyer gave her a unique perspective that many other lawyers may not have.” D.C., RN, Surgery

“It is challenging to keep up to date on all the state and federal laws- this was a terrific update.” RN, Hospital Accreditation and Safety, Fresno, CA

“This was a very well rounded and interesting seminar. Thank you. Hopefully I won’t ever see you in court, but if I do, I hope you are on my side and that I have listened and implemented all that you taught me.” Renata Kuchenthal RN, L&D, Sacramento

“This seminar was very informative. This kind of seminar should be part of a nurse’s requirement for license renewal.” Patricia Sebald, RN, Operating Room

“This is a very informative seminar. I walked away feeling more knowledgeable about nursing and  the law, and will be able to apply this knowledge to my practice. Thank you! This seminar is very good. You covered every aspect I can think of regarding the nursing profession and the law. I wouldn’t change a thing!” Leah Tarver, RN, Nurse Manager

“The mark of a good lecturer is the ability to take dry facts and figures and transform them into an interesting and informative class. Thank you for doing so!” Richard Gutierrez, RN, PHD,CCU/PACU, Sacramento

“Thank you for such a thorough and informative course  I will definitely be recommending this course to all my nurse friends. I appreciate that you intent was NOT to scare us…” RN, L&D

“Eye opening, fun, and absolutely critical information. An overview of many things and I liked how she equally encompassed nursing and the legalities. Great presentation. I would go again! So much to learn; so little time.” RN, Napa CA

“Well organized! I cant believe how much information she covered in 8 hours. Good job keeping everyone on track and questions under control.” Kathy Serpulveda RN, ED

“Transformed complicated subject of law into very understandable subject. I like the case studies- they helped me relate the information to my own practice.” C.C., RN

“Very informative and pleasant presentation. Great examples of issues from both JD & RN perspective. Very thoughtful in presenting class…” RN Ambulatory Surgical  Care, Sacramento

“The Law Manual provided is an excellent distillation of complicated information, with great reference sites….” RN, Family Practice Clinic- Occupational Health Clinic

“Excellent seminar! I so appreciate the case studies. With all of the changes to health care and nursing laws we must stay informed. This course did that for me!” Denise Jonhson, RN-BC, MSN, Charge Nurse Medical Surgical

“This seminar gave a lot of information to enable the nurse to improve and to practice safely. I think weve (as a profession) been encourage to be “out on a limb” unable to get job done. This information is essential to protect the nurse.” Linda F., RN, CA

“Clear and concise. Provided insight on how we can protect our licenses during our practice and with proper documentation….” Nineka, RN, Correction Facility

“Down to earth presentation, did not over talk or make it too “lawyerly”. Information was relevant….applicable to nursing practice for today.” Ken Craft, BSN, FNP (student)

“Excellent presentation about a subject that could be dry, but was not at all. Case studies very helpful.” RN

“Clarified and simplified information to make it more easily applicable to my practice.” Joy H., RN

“I liked the ability to interact with the instructor easily, and the humor included in the seminar. Going to run right out and get my own insurance!! Ample use of case presentations.” C.W. RN

“Very interesting using actual cases to illustrate various points-very effective! You could probably do a whole CE just on documentation or delegation and supervision. Information on malpractice insurance was very helpful.” Helza S., RN

“Well presented! Kept interest up all during presentation! Continuing success in your practice! Thanks” F.D. , RN

“I liked the humor in between topics and the real life scenarios. Excellent flow of conversations (with nurses in audience)… Covered a huge amount of information.” Will, RN, D.O.N. acute care

“Delivery was articulate and extremely organized. Handouts were extremely informational.” S.P., RN

“I enjoyed this course immensely! Ms. Elston is a dynamic speaker. I’m sure she is very challenging in the courtroom setting, and I would want her on my side” T.J., RN, CCU, Stockton

Presenter was engaging and made what would have been a dry subject very interesting. The course manual will be a valuable resource.” L. Cowin RN, MSN, Nursing Staff Development

“Superior quality presentation. Complex subject matters are well laid out in the book ‘California Nursing Law’. A wealth of important information, comprehensively formulated, and very thorough.” RN, Nursing Administration, Los Angeles Hospital